• Asterisk * is a wildcard that can be used with any keyword
  • Do not leave a space between the keyword and the asterisk
  • Using a wildcard at the end of a keyword (for example: ma*) will find all words beginning with 'ma'
  • Using a wildcard at the beginning of a keyword (for example: *ogy) will find all words ending with 'ogy'
  • Enclosing a keyword with a wildcard (for example: *math*) will find all instances of the word at the beginning, end, or middle of a string of words

Search Results

  • Click on the Course Title to view a specific course from a Search Results List
  • Click on the Return button to go back to the Search Results List
  • Click the Clear button to clear the current search results and conduct another search
  • Click on the Excel icon beside the View as a Spreadsheet option (top right of the Search Results screen), to manage the search results (i.e. 'view' or 'save' the worksheet)
  • Click on the Printer Version icon (top right of the screen) to print the Search Results list or a selected course from the Course Details screen
  • Press Return and amend the search criteria if a "No Results Found" message is received
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