Ministry of Education


Transforming BC's Graduation Requirements

What are we doing?
Starting in the fall of 2012, the Ministry of Education and stakeholders throughout the province began a process to review graduation requirements to better meet the needs of all learners.

What has happened so far?
The province was divided into six regions, and an educational leader was assigned to each region to organize consultation sessions in the region from September through December, 2012. These sessions included a mix of parents, teachers, students, educational administrators, community members, business, trades, post-secondary and more. Over a dozen partner groups were also invited to provincial planning meetings in August, 2012, and January, 2013, to help further inform directions.

Next Steps:
The consultations have been completed, and reports from each of the six regions have been presented to the Ministry and partner groups. The regional reports, and other reports provided to the Ministry, are being analyzed to identify common themes and “big ideas” from the feedback.  The Ministry is synthesizing this information into a document and beginning to shape the requirements, which will then be taken back to the public for further input. The Ministry will set implementation dates after further discussions with stakeholders.  New graduation requirements likely will not be in place before the 2014/2015 school year.

Interested in seeing the regional and partner reports?
All the regional reports have been posted to this page, so they can be reviewed by anybody.

View the full Graduation Requirements Report (PDF, 16MB)

Want to see the questions and process that were used for the fall 2012 consultations?
Here is the Toolkit (DOC) and Slideshow that was developed by the regional leaders and was used throughout the province. 

Current Graduation Requirements
The B.C. school system offers a variety of options for students of all ages to complete secondary school or its equivalent and to meet their individual needs.  Every student is different and there are number of ways a student can earn credit for graduation.  B.C. offers flexibility and choice to assist students in meeting their goals.

There are two distinct graduation programs leading to a Graduation Certificate:

Students also have an opportunity to meet their educational goals through: