Use the Simple Search option for broad searches. The results will display all instances of the chosen keyword. Use the Advanced Search option (recommended) for more specific search requirements (e.g. to view only "open grade 10 ministry math courses").

Getting Started

  • Click Simple Search to open this option
  • Enter a keyword to begin a search
  • When a keyword is entered the following fields are searched:
    • Course Title
    • Course Codes
    • Program Guide Title
    • Published Description
  • Select Advanced Search to enter specific search criteria and to narrow the search results (i.e. if too many results are displayed)


  • Use only one keyword in a search (i.e. entering multiple keywords will search for every instance of each keyword, which may return too many results)
  • If using more than one keyword:
    • make sure there is one space between each keyword
    • do not use a comma, dash or other character between keywords
  • Do not use connector words (and, or, etc) between keywords. Using the word 'and' between two keywords will find all the fields containing the two keywords, as well as every instance of the word 'and'.
  • Do not use quotation marks around a keyword
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