Use the Advanced Search option for more refined searches within specifically defined search parameters. For example, to display all "open ministry courses in a specific grade" or "all courses that satisfy the Science 11 or 12 requirements in the 2004 Graduation Program", select the appropriate criteria.

Getting Started

  • Click Advanced Search to open this option
  • Select one or more criteria to narrow the search
  • Press Return and amend the search criteria if a 'No Results Found' message is displayed
  • Press Return and select additional criteria to narrow the search results if too many results are displayed
  • Criteria is entered through Data Entry Fields and/or by choosing an option from a Drop Down List:
    • Data Entry Fields - EXACT data must be entered if using the following field(s):
      • Course Title (Course Title descriptions use the ampersand sign '&' - not the word 'and')
      • Program Guide Title
      • Published Description
      • External Organization Name
NOTE: use wildcards in data entry fields if you do not have the EXACT description (e.g. under Course Title enter *math* or to find a language course, under Published Description enter *Spanish*)
    • Drop Down Lists - to narrow a search use one or more of the following drop down lists:
      • Course Type
      • Grade Level
      • Main Category (Sub Category displayed only if Main Category selected)
      • Course Status
      • Instruction Language
      • Graduation Program (Graduation Program Requirement displayed only if Graduation Program selected)
  • Click on the Calendar icon to search using an Open Date or Close Date
  • To view courses opening in the future, leave Course Status at the default value of 'Any'. For courses that will open in the future, the Search Results list will display the status as 'future' and the Course Details screen will display the actual opening date.
NOTE:The Course Allowable Credits, Graduation Program Requirements, and Graduation Program Electives boxes will not display if a course does not have a credit value.
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