Special Education

Individual Education Planning for Students with Special Needs

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Acknowledgements (PDF)

I. Introduction (PDF)

II. Determining Which Students Require an IEP (PDF)

III. Purpose and Process (PDF)

IV. Planning (PDF)

V. Implementing (PDF)

VI. Evaluating (PDF)

VII. Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)

Appendix 1: Terms Related to IEP Development (PDF)

Appendix 2: Tools for Collaboration with Parents (PDF)

Appendix 3: Tools for Teachers and Students (PDF)

Appendix 4: Tools for Planning and Implementing (PDF)

Appendix 5: Setting SMART Goals and Objectives (PDF)

Appendix 6: Tools for Collaboration between Professionals (PDF)

Appendix 7: A Guide to Adaptations and Modifications (PDF)

Appendix 8: Resources (PDF)