Ministry of Education

Children in Care

This site provides information and resources to help individuals in British Columbia schools and school districts monitor and meet the needs of students in care—students who are either in continuing or temporary custody arrangements.

We invite you to check out our pages in the sidebar where we will post information and resources, as well as tips and strategies from educators and other professionals who work with children in care. We have started a page for frequently asked questions and tips from the field that will be updated as questions and tips arise.


In February 2009, the Representative for Children and Youth and the Provincial Health Officer issued a joint report entitled Kids, Crime and Care -Health and Well-Being of Children in Care: Youth Justice Experiences and Outcomes (PDF, 1.39MB).

Recommendation five of the report states:

"...every school in British Columbia assign a single staff person to oversee education planning, monitoring and attainment of the children in care that attend their school."

The Ministry of Education is acting on this recommendation. We will first focus on children in care who are in continuing custody, while exploring ways in which the achievement of students in other categories of care can be monitored effectively. Notwithstanding the initial focus on students who are under continuing custody orders (CCO), all children who are living out of the parental home are vulnerable. The Ministry of Education encourages district and school staff responsible for children in care to work with local Ministry of Children and Family Development officials to identify all children in care and focus on their achievement.

The Ministry of Education and Ministry of Children and Family Development are working together to share information about all children in care and to support this important system-wide effort.