Transcripts and Certificates

A transcript is a listing of a student’s academic record relating to a B.C. Graduation Program, which includes courses taken, grades earned, all honours received and graduation status.

A certificate (or diploma, or “Dogwood”) is a document showing that a student has completed a B.C. Graduation Program.

If you are a current student, please read our Information for Current Students before placing an order.


Secondary School Transcripts and Certificates may be ordered online securely using VISA, Mastercard or American Express.

Transcripts for the B.C. Graduation Program can be ordered for students who:

  • Graduated after 1985 in B.C. or Yukon Territory
  • Attended Grade 12 and completed a Grade 12 course after 1985
  • Attended Grade 12 prior to 1974 in the University Entrance or Academic Technical Program

Certificates for the B.C. Graduation Program can be ordered for students who graduated in B.C. after 1985.

If You Do Not Meet the Above Criteria
School records must be obtained directly from your school or school district office – this is the case for students who:

  • Graduated (or would have graduated) between January 1974 and December 1985
  • Did not attend Grade 12
  • Did not receive their certificate (diploma) when they graduated
  • Attended Grade 12 prior to 1974 and not in the University Entrance or Academic Technical Program

For any of these situations, please contact the last B.C. school you attended or school district office.

Fees & Delivery

  • Transcript $10 per copy
  • Certificate $10 per copy

Transcripts and certificates are delivered by mail to the address indicated on the order form – they cannot be e-mailed or faxed due to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

Orders are processed within 2-6 business days – this does not include delivery time by Canada Post.


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Non-credit card orders

Can't pay by credit card? Please submit a completed Transcript and Certificate Order Form (PDF, 82KB) with appropriate fee payment. You can fill in the form online and then print, sign and mail.

Fees include shipping and all applicable taxes. A $30.00 fee will be charged for a dishonoured cheque. Payment must be made in Canadian dollars only.