Special Education

Responding To Critical Incidents

Appendix 7 - Material for Parents Following a Critical Incident

The following six pages contain copies of the text from pamphlets developed for parents. The material is printed in a format which can be used to create a school district pamphlet. If preferred, the content of the following pamphlets can be used in the development of other materials, with appropriate references to the original sources.

The first pamphlet, for parents of younger children, is printed with the permission of School District 38 (Richmond) and has material drawn from Health and Welfare Canada's publication, Personal Services (Minister of Supply and Services Canada, 1990).

The second, for parents of teenagers, is printed with the permission of Student Services, School District 36 (Surrey) and was adapted from the Richmond material.

The stages of grief are derived from the work of Elisabeth Kubler-Ross (See Resource list).

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