School Planning Councils

What is an SPC?

Parents, teachers and principals on School Planning Councils (SPCs) develop school plans to improve student achievement.

The ministry collaborates with education partner groups to develop research and reports and provide guidelines and resources for SPCs.



Training Webcasts

School Planning Councils

Jan 2007 - [view webcast] This interactive webcast, recorded January 31, 2007, co-hosted by Rob Broda, Parent, SD63 and Mike Hooker, Principal, SD19 explored ways of Putting your Evidence into Action

Dec 2006 - [view webcast] This interactive webcast, recorded December 6, 2006, provided introductory-level content about using data for school planning.

Feb 2006 - [view webcast] hosted February 22, 2006, by the Khowhemun Elementary School Planning Council (SD 79) and principal Charlie Coleman. Tips for good communication and team development, as well as school and district connections are highlighted.

Feb 2005 - [view webcast] This interactive webcast hosted by Bruce Wellman on February 16, 2005 is intended to support teams working together, working with data, and improving student achievement.


Parent Involvement in BC

Nov 2005 - [view webcast] This interactive webcast recorded November 30, 2005 looks at the impact school, family and community connections have on student achievement.