Information to support student learning.

This online tool summarizes information collected each year by the B.C. Ministry of Education for all school districts across the province. It complements new planning efforts that are underway to enhance student learning in every school and school district in British Columbia.

The Educated Citizen

A quality education system assists in the development of human potential and improves the well-being of every British Columbian. The B.C. school system is helping develop educated citizens by supporting each student's intellectual, human and social, and career development.

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Contextual Information

Image of a chart depicting Student Enrolment Over Time. Demographic Information - Community and Students

How to read these charts

Example lolipop chart depiction and example.
The grey band represents typical performance for school districts across British Columbia (the range of results for the middle 50% of school districts).
The orange line shows the selected district's results over time.
The orange dot shows the most recent results for the selected school district.

About this Website

The B.C. Ministry of Education is making it easier for parents, students, and school district and school staff to understand, use, and interact with school system information at both the provincial and local levels.

Please contact your local school district and/or school to learn more about this and other information about student learning.

For detailed definitions on information contained on this website, please refer to this glossary.

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Questions to Consider When Reviewing Results

The information provided in these reports is intended to help inform discussions about student learning at the local and provincial levels. Some questions you might consider when reviewing the results include:

  • To what extent do the results align with what you expected to see?
  • How do the results compare with other information that exists?
  • What are areas of strength?
  • What areas may need further attention?
  • Where do you see growth over time?
  • What patterns do you see across particular groups of students?
  • What efforts are underway to support student success, and what role can you play?

We Value Your Feedback

The Ministry of Education would like your feedback on this new way of displaying student information.

  • What do you like about this site?
  • What improvements would you like to see?
  • What information do you find most useful?
  • What other information would you like included in future versions of the site?

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