District Reports

The Ministry of Education reports student achievement and demographics in the B.C. K to 12 education system. Each report provides five years of data with the exception of the Class Size and Foundation Skills Assessment reports.

The Ministry also makes historical data available on DataBC

For definitions of the terms used in these reports, please consult the Glossary

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Contextual Reports
Class Size SummaryPDF (2016/2017)
PDF (2015/2016)
PDF (2014/2015)
PDF (2013/2014)
PDF (2012/2013)
PDF (2011/2012)
PDF (2010/2011)
PDF (2009/2010)
PDF (2008/2009)
PDF (2007/2008)
Student StatisticsPDFXLSX
Teacher StatisticsPDFXLSX
Early Development Instrument (EDI) HTML
Achievement Reports
Foundation Skills Assessment – Writers OnlyPDFXLSX
Provincial Required ExaminationsPDFXLSX
Grade-to-Grade TransitionsPDFXLSX
Six-Year Completion and Graduation RatesPDFXLSX
Examination Scholarships and AwardsPDFXLSX
Transition to BC Public Post-SecondaryPDFXLSX
Satisfaction SurveyPDFXLSX
Special Reports
Aboriginal Students: How are We Doing?PDFXLSX