Classroom Assessment

BC Performance Standards - Reading

French Immersion
Introduction (PDF, 1.27MB)
Grade 1 (PDF, 393KB)
Grade 2 (PDF, 618KB)
Grade 3 (PDF, 854KB)
Grade 4 (PDF, 715KB)
Grade 5 (PDF, 472KB)
Grade 6 (PDF, 383KB)
Grade 7 (PDF, 492KB)
Grade 8 (PDF, 417KB)
Grade 9 (PDF, 547KB)
Grade 10 (PDF, 301KB)
Additional Tasks and Student Samples
Worksheets for The BC Performance Standards
(PDF, 42KB)
Reading Worksheets
(PDF, 28KB)

Immersion 1 à 7
(PDF, 2.24MB)
Immersion 8 à 10
(PDF, 1.10MB)

Francophone 1 à 7
(PDF, 3.29MB)
Francophone 8 à 10
(PDF, 1.01MB)