Classroom Assessment

BC Performance Standards - Numeracy


French Immersion/Francophone

Introduction (PDF, 309KB)
Grade 1 (PDF, 2.55MB)
Grade 2 (PDF, 1.59MB)
Grade 3 (PDF, 3.17MB)
Grade 4 (PDF, 1.34MB)
Grade 5 (PDF, 1.81MB)
Grade 6 (PDF, 3.17MB)
Grade 7 (PDF, 2.48MB)
Grade 8 (PDF, 5.56MB)
Additional Tasks and Student Samples
Worksheets for The BC Performance Standards (PDF, 42KB)
Numeracy Worksheets (PDF, 16KB)
Mathématiques 1 à 8 (PDF, 763KB)
Tâches - Document d'accompagnement (PDF, 621KB)