Classroom Assessment


Key Components of ICTI Performance Standards


The Information and Communications Technology Integration Performance Standards, Grades 5 to 10 (ICTI), are intended to support teachers and students as they use technology to enhance learning across the curriculum.


The ICTI Performance Standards focus on four aspects of how students use information and communications technology to gather, organize, and present information and to analyse and interpret information.

Rating Scales

Full and short-form versions of the performance standards, with the four performance levels described in detail


The tasks were developed by practising teachers to provide:

  • opportunities to incorporate information and communications technologies into all aspects of learning and assessment.
  • a model for planning constructivist or problem based learning approaches
  • guidance in planning learning opportunities within a framework of research based practice
  • suggested activities to address the critical question
  • opportunities to incorporate Ministry assessment practices

Teachers may use the tasks as given or as models. Any tasks used should first be reviewed for issues appropriate to the class or community.

Student Samples

Some of the tasks are provided with samples of student work. ICTI Performance Standards are intended to be updated as new tasks and additional student samples are developed.