Prescribed Learning Outcomes

The prescribed learning outcomes set the learning standards for the provincial K to 12 education system and form the prescribed curriculum for British Columbia. They are statements of what students are expected to know and do at the end of an indicated grade or course.

Schools have the responsibility to ensure that all prescribed learning outcomes in each IRP are met; however, schools have flexibility in determining how delivery of the prescribed learning outcomes can best take place. It is expected that student achievement will vary in relation to the prescribed learning outcomes. Evaluation, reporting, and student placement with respect to these outcomes are dependent on the professional judgment and experience of teachers, guided by provincial policy.

 2011 Prescribed Learning Outcomes Searchable Database

Complete B.C. Ministry of Education curriculum documents are located by subject area and include additional information that educators, in particular, and parents and stakeholders may find useful. Each provincial curriculum has an associated Catalogue of Learning Resources which is a set of Recommended Learning Resources that support the curriculum.