Draft Curriculum and Curriculum-related Documents: Public Review and Feedback

The first drafts of the redesigned curriculum are now available for review and feedback at www.curriculum.gov.bc.ca.

The B.C. Ministry of Education sets the standards of learning for Kindergarten to Grade 12. These standards of learning are outlined in the Integrated Resource Packages (IRPs) which constitute the provincial curriculum. Curriculum contain standard-based learning outcomes and achievement indicators for each subject area.

Research and consultation form an integral part of the process of revising existing provincial curricula or developing new ones. This page provides access to curriculum under development. Teachers, parents, education partners and stakeholders are invited to provide feedback by filling in the attached response forms, or by forwarding comments directly to the Ministry of Education:

Learning Division
Box 9183 Stn Prov Govt
Victoria, BC V8W 9H1

Your input is valued and plays an important role in helping the Ministry make final decisions in developing the final version of the Curriculum. Opportunities for district in-depth curriculum reviews, or piloting a specific, new or revised curriculum may be available for certain subject areas.

Subject Areas Draft Documents Review Dates
Social Studies

Please note that the updates to the English Social Studies IRPs will be translated into French and included in the relevant Sciences humaines curriculum documents.

April 2015


Thank you in advance for providing your feedback on the above draft curriculum documents.