Green Schools

British Columbia's Public Sector became carbon neutral in 2010, and the K-12 Education sector is taking actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The Ministry of Education is committed to support the government’s carbon neutral goal, in its operations and educational initiatives across school districts.

Climate Action News

Read the School Districts Reports: 2010 to see what districts have done to reduce their carbon output.

The Premier announced the Climate Action Revenue Incentive (CARI) Charter in September 2008. Boards of Education that sign the Charter will be reimbursed annually for all of the carbon tax they paid in the previous calendar year.

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Green Schools Initiatives

The Ministry of Education is working with the BC Climate Action Secretariat and collaborating with other government ministries, agencies and boards of education to establish and coordinate Green School initiatives, strategies and programs that enhance environmental sustainability.

Green Schools’ initiatives and programs are focused on the following four themes:

  1. Supporting students
  2. Supporting teachers
  3. Developing school communities
  4. Enhancing school infrastructure and transportation systems

1. Supporting students in becoming more aware of environmental issues, their ability to become local leaders and improve their sustainable practices in everyday life.BC Green Games

  • BC Green Games is a province-wide competition for students, designed to motivate environmental action, enable sharing, and reward and celebrate the green efforts of schools in B.C. View the prize-winning projects and register your school to participate.

2. Supporting teachers to use environmental sustainability ideas and concepts in their teaching.Environmental Learning and Experience Guide

Additional tools are also available from:

3. Developing school communities to be more effective, efficient and environmentally responsible. LiveSmartBC

4. Enhancing school infrastructure and transportation systems to reduce provincial greenhouse emissions.