Provincial Examinations

Grade 12 Provincial Examination Specifications

BC First Nations Studies 12

2011/12 Exam Specifications - Effective September 2011 through August 2012.

Changes and Revisions


  • The Table of Specifications and Description of Examination (PDF, 52KB) show teachers and students how the BC First Nations Studies 12 curriculum will be tested on provincial examinations.
  • The provincial examination represents 20% of the students final letter grade and the classroom mark represents 80%.

    There may be a difference between school marks and provincial examination marks for individual students. Some students perform better on classroom tests and others on provincial examinations. School assessment measures performance on all curricular outcomes, whereas provincial examinations may only evaluate performance on a sample of these outcomes.

  • Cognitive Levels provide a description of what each cognitive level means.
  • Curriculum Connections provide a link to the examinable Prescribed Learning Outcomes (PLOs) as described in the BC First Nations Studies 12 IRP, 2006.
  • A Key Terms, Names and Events List (PDF, 48KB) provides some common BC First Nations terms, names and events that may be examined on the Provincial BC First Nations Studies 12 examinations.
  • A Key Verb List (PDF, 8KB) is provided to help students effectively read, analyze and respond to Written-Response questions.
  • The Scoring Criteria (PDF, 40KB) explains how students will be marked on the Written-Response Questions.


Older exams posted on our website are for reference only and are not necessarily representative of the exams for the 2011/12 school year.