Provincial Examinations

Grade 12 Provincial Examination Specifications

Communications 12

2011/12 Exam Specifications - Effective September 2011 through August 2012.

Changes and Revisions

  • Minor revisions have been made to the formats that may be required in the Visual Design Section. Schedules and agendas have been removed.


  • The Provincial examination represents 40% of the student's final letter grade and the classroom mark represents 60%.
  • There may be a difference between school marks and provincial examination marks for individual students. Some students perform better on classroom tests and others on provincial examinations. School assessment measures performance on all curricular outcomes, whereas provincial examinations may evaluate performance on only a sample of these outcomes.
  • A Key Words (PDF, 8KB) list is provided to help students read, analyze and respond to written-response or short-answer questions.
  • Terms and Devices (PDF, 36KB) provides a list of examinable terms relating to literary and stylistic forms and devices.


  • Sample Questions (PDF, 832KB) illustrate the categories and range of questions students may need to answer. In Part B, the Information passage on the Greater Vancouver Zoo is included, but with questions that are different from those used in the Sample Examination.
  • Released Examinations show the format of an examination and the balance of questions across the curriculum organizers.