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Grade 12 Provincial Examinations

Student Writing Samples - Poetry

The 5 Response

The five response reflects a strong grasp of the topic and the poem. The references to the poem may be explicit or implicit and convincingly support the student's point of view. In both understanding and writing, the paper is proficient. The writing is well organized and reflects a strong grasp of the conventions of language.

110 22 - This response explores the extended metaphor using proficient language. There exists some subtlety and nuance when discussing the parallels between the gull and the eagle and the male and female skating partners. The occasionally awkward expressions prevent this paper from receiving a "6".

205 12 - This paper demonstrates a strong grasp of the topic and the poem. References to the poem are substantial and reflect the eagle’s role as the lead partner in the dance. Style is occasionally conversational and lacks the sophistication of a "6" paper.

076 28 - The strengths of this paper include a thorough analysis of the extended metaphor and quotations from the poem which are short and well-integrated. The vocabulary, although at a high level, is at times imprecise: for example "Inversely" and "tenuous" which are misused.



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