Graduation Assessments and Provincial Examinations

Reviews, Re-Marks, and Rewrites

Review Requests

Students wishing to view their assessment or exam responses may do so through the review process. Reviews can be helpful:

1. to determine whether to pay for an re-mark

2. for preparing for a rewrite

To begin this process, students need to contact their school in order to obtain the Review Request Form that is accessible from the School Secure Web. The form must be signed by both the school principal and the student before submission to the Ministry. Review requests can take up to 5-7 business days to process.

Re-mark Requests

If you question a mark received on a centrally marked graduation assessment or provincial examination, you may request to have it re-marked within a specific time period and for a fee. Check for current deadlines and fee for exam remarks in Ch.1 of the Handbook of Procedures.

Once you have confirmed that your remark request is within the permitted deadline, use this form to send a written request to the ministry: Provincial Examinations Re-Mark Request Form (PDF).


Students may rewrite the Graduation Assessments. The best of these scores will appear on the student's final transcript.

Students may rewrite a provincial examination (English 12, Communications 12, English 12 First Peoples, Français langue seconde-immersion 12, Français langue premiere 12) once within the 12-month period following the first attempt at the examination. The 12-months are inclusive (e.g., from the June examination session, one year through to the end of the June examination session of the next year). To rewrite a provincial examination more than once, a student must retake the course.

For more information about how to register to write an exam, please refer to the Rewrite section in the Handbook of Procedures.

Note: As results from the August Assessment/Exam Session are not released until the first week of September, they will not be available for September post-secondary institutions' admissions decisions.