Provincial Examinations

Frequently Asked Questions about Exams

Q. How do I find out my provincial exam results if I am unable to access them at the exams web site?
A. You must contact your school or school board office. The Ministry cannot release exam results over the telephone.

I want to write my provincial exam again. What can I do?


Students in the 2004, 80 credit, graduation program are permitted to rewrite an exam once within the twelve-month period following the first attempt at the examination. To rewrite a provincial exam more than once, you must retake the course. If you retake the course before you rewrite for the first time, you cannot carry over the first rewrite opportunity. Once you take the course again you can write the exam, and then rewrite the exam once within the following twelve months. For further information, please refer to the Rewrites section in the Handbook of Procedures.



If I take the course again, do I have to rewrite the exam?
A. No, if you are satisfied with your previous exam mark, you do not have to write the provincial exam again (providing you retake the course within twelve months of writing the exam for the first time).


If I rewrite my June exam in the following August exam session, which mark do I keep?
A. The Ministry will use whichever exam result is higher, either June or August, and blend it with your school mark. For further information, please refer to Mix and Match in the Handbook of Procedures.
Q. I took English 10 twice during the last school year; which school mark will be used?
A. The Ministry will take whichever school mark is higher, providing you retook the course within the last twelve months.
Q. I want to have my provincial exam re-marked. What do I do?

Grade 12 provincial exam re-marks/rewrites
If you want a Grade 12 provincial exam re-marked, you need to make a written request to the Ministry of Education. Specific deadlines for re-mark requests are available in the Handbook of Procedures. Please visit the Exam Re-marks/Rewrites web page for detailed information.


Grade 10/11 provincial exam re-marks

For Grade 10/11 examination re-mark information, please visit the Exam Re-marks/Rewrites web page.

Q. When do I write my exam in August?
A. See the August Exam web site.
Q. Where do I go to write or rewrite my provincial exam in August?
A. Grade 10-12 provincial exams are offered through your school or school district in August if the district is choosing to host an exam session.
Ask your school's counselor or principal in June or earlier for August exams information. The August Exam Schedule is included in the Handbook of Procedures.
Q. If I rewrite my exam in August, when will I get my results?
A. August Grade 10, 11 and 12 exam results are posted to TRAX Web at the end of the first week in September. There are no exceptions for providing the August results earlier than this date.
Q. Will I get my results from the August exams in time to send to post-secondary institutions for September admission?
A. No, the results from the August exams are not available for September Post-Secondary Institutions' admission decisions.

I just completed English 12 (or another examinable subject) through Distance Learning. When will my new school mark be added to my transcript?
A. If you completed English 12 or another Grade 10, 11, or 12 provincially examinable course, your new school mark will be added to your record in the month in which there is a provincial exam in that subject. For instance, if you completed the course in July, your new school mark will be added to your record in August (the next exam session). If that score is higher than your June school mark, it will be blended with your June exam score and reported out to you on a revised transcript. If it is lower than your June results, your June results will be reported on your transcript.

My address has changed. What do I do?

A. During the school year, inform your school who will then report the change to the Ministry in their next data transfer. During the summer, you can fax your change of address to the Ministry at the following fax number: (250) 356-0171. If you fax your information to the Ministry, provide your 9-digit Personal Education Number (PEN) or your date of birth if you do not know your PEN.
Q. I graduated previously and did some upgrading course work during the current year. Will I receive a revised transcript?
A. Not during the school year. However, you will receive a revised transcript at the end of July. If you need an official transcript earlier than the end of July, you may either request a certified transcript from your school or request a transcript from the Ministry.
Q. I took a college course after I left high school. Will it count towards graduation?
A. Take or mail in a copy of the college transcript to your last high school and ask a Grade 12 counsellor to assess the college course for possible equivalency to a Grade 10, 11 or 12 level course. If the course is deemed equivalent, the counselor will add it to your high school records and report it to the Ministry. If the course allows you to graduate, the Ministry will send you a transcript stating that you have satisfied graduation requirements. As well, a Dogwood Diploma will be issued and sent to your last high school for the principal to sign and forward to you.