Capital Project Management

Procedures and Guidelines

Capital Asset Management - Project Procurement Procedures and Guidelines (PDF) (June 2003 edition)
The purpose of this document is to act as a guide for school districts on the Project Procurement processes used by the Ministry of Education to manage capital projects. The Project Procurement process establishes a management framework for projects supported in the Ministry's Capital Plan, for the acquisition of sites, the construction of new school facilities, and the expansion, renovation and replacement of existing facilities. "CURRENTLY UNDER REVIEW"

Capital Project Funding Agreement Template (PDF) (August 2011)
The Capital Project Funding Agreement (CPFA) is one of the main features of the Capital Project Procurement processes used by the Ministry of Education to manage capital projects. The CPFA is the primary document in which the Minister of Education authorizes a board of education to proceed with agreed-to particulars of a supported capital project, including project scope, schedule and integrated project plan. Under the Capital Project Funding Agreement, the Ministry of Education is the funding authority, and the board of education takes the role of the owner and project developer.

Capital Project Funding Agreement Companion Document
(PDF) (November 2009)
Capital Project Funding Agreement Companion Document details the type of information that will be included in the completion of the individual sections and schedules found in a Capital Project Funding Agreement.

Capital Bylaws All provincially funded capital projects require a capital bylaw adopted by the board of education to allow school district access to funds through the Certificate of Approval system. Pro formas and explanatory notes for capital and capital amendment bylaws are provided as a guide. Districts may customize the pro forma to suit individual projects.

School Site Selection Guide (PDF)
This document was developed to assist school districts in the selection and preliminary evaluation of potential school sites.

Risk Management Clauses for Client-Consultant Agreements
(Rich Text) (April 2006 update)
The Ministry of Education is no longer prescribing use of a government "Standard Form of Agreement Between Client and Architect." In its place, school boards may use industry standard contract documents. The Ministry of Education, in conjunction with the Risk Management Branch, Ministry of Finance, recommends that the attached contract clauses with regards to insurance and indemnity be used in all agreements with architects and other design consultants.


Communications Protocol Agreement on Capital Projects between the Ministry of Education and School Districts (PDF) (February 2011)
This document provides direction on communications activities related to capital projects, such as: news releases, media events, signage, public announcements, official events, etc. The document was updated in February, 2011 and includes a new section specific to the implementation of the new full day kindergarten classrooms.

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