Foundation Skills Assessment (FSA) - Results

FSA Results

A number of changes were introduced to the FSA process in 2008 to give schools and parents an earlier indication of individual student achievement in reading, writing and numeracy.

These adjustments mean the assessment provides a new baseline of trend data, beginning with the FSA 2008 results.

When analyzing FSA results, please keep the following points in mind:

FSA results are a "snapshot" of student performance and should be considered along with a wide variety of other information collected by districts and schools.
Public school results should be discussed directly with school district and school representatives who can put the results in context and independent school results should be discussed with school representatives (school performance reports and district performance reports help provide such context).
FSA results should be considered as part of the performance information used in the development of the annual school plan.
Attempting to rank schools or districts based on FSA results invites misleading comparisons that ignore the particular circumstances that affect achievement in each school.

  • Individual Student Results (School Secure Access)
  • FSA Item-Level Response Reports
      Based upon data collected at the student level on each FSA test question (item), Edudata provides FSA Item-Level Response Reports that can assist educators in interpreting and understanding the responses students make on their FSA Reading, Writing and Numeracy assessments.
  • Translated versions
      Translated verisons of the text for the Individual Student Results is intended to help families of students for whom English is not the language spoken in the home.
  • FSA Technical Notes (PDF, 109KB)
  • Linking FSA 2008 Grade 4 Reading to PIRLS 2006 (PDF, 29KB)