The Ministry of Education is responsible for Aboriginal Education in the BC public school system kindergarten to grade 12. Through the Learning Division, Aboriginal Education, the Ministry is committed to working with education partners, school districts and Aboriginal communities to improve Aboriginal student success.

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Aboriginal Education - K-12 Funding

Estimated provincial funding for Aboriginal education in the BC public K-12 school system is $63.9 million for the 2014-15 school year.  This funding enables school districts to deliver enhanced education programs and services for Aboriginal students who self identify as being of Aboriginal ancestry [see funding policy]. 

Reciprocal Tuition

In 2009, BC agreed to fund First Nations schools for students eligible to receive a provincially funded education. This program is called Reciprocal Tuition because First Nations remain responsible for the tuition of students who live on reserve but who choose to attend public schools. [more]

Monitoring and Reporting

To monitor and report on Aboriginal student success in the Province, the following mechanisms are in place:

The Ministry of Education collects data to monitor the performance of Aboriginal students in the BC public school system.
The Accountability Framework includes: Annual School Plans developed by School Planning Councils and Achievement Contracts, supported by Aboriginal Education Enhancement Agreements.
Aboriginal Education Enhancement Agreements are developed in collaboration with the school district, Aboriginal communities and the Ministry of Education, and include goals to improve Aboriginal student success.

Aboriginal Education Resources

The First Peoples Principles of Learning

The First Peoples Principles of Learning are affirmed within First Peoples communities and are being reflected in the development of all K-12 curriculum and assessment. First identified in relation to English 12 First Peoples, the First Peoples Principles of Learning generally reflect First Peoples pedagogy.  The term “First Peoples” includes First Nations, Métis, and Inuit peoples in Canada, as well as indigenous peoples around the world.